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The epitome of the Aussie lust for life, fresh music and the perfect flat white, Haj will never let a fun challenge pass her by whether that be throwing herself down a mountain biking track or putting everything on the line for that epic photograph. A perennial boundary pusher both in her lifestyle and in her work, Haj delights in the extraordinary.

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A proper Londoner who, true to his native city, has an eye for the diverse, the fascinating and that which lies beyond the superficial. Always armed with an historical factoid or ten, Hamish will readily (but gently!) debate anything from politics to the relative merits of the classic versus the modern super-car.

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Every bit the ‘real deal’ South African, Andrew is a one-off with an infectious personality and a passion for the human story – all the better if he can capture that.  His commitment to detail is a consistent motif whether he’s crunching numbers in the city, pounding the toe paths of the Thames or in his relentless quest for the perfectly balanced life.

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A razor-witted Anglo-Mexican with a penchant for Flight of the Conchords, a weakness for Star Wars and an insatiable yearning for food with a spicy tang. Chris has travelled the world documenting pro sports where he has honed not only his enviable photographic skills but also his mastery of computer games of every ilk – challenge him at your peril!

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A committed Devonian obsessed with all things coastal, Simon will most likely be found in the environs of his camper van catching waves or chasing sunsets on his favourite cliff paths. If you’re nice he might even play you some classic acoustic chill on his guitar 😉

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